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From the first recorded use of a cofferdam by the Greco Roman Empire to the first appearance of sandbags during the Napoleonic wars, man has sought to control water for millennia. Conventional water control methods such as earthen dams, piling, and sandbags have been the product of choice. Hydrological Solutions Inc. recognized that the use of these conventional cofferdam methods was both labor intensive and methodical. We knew a more practical approach to controlling water would greatly reduce costs.

Thus our patented inflatable dams were created to dramatically reduce labor, time, and overall costs associated with water control. Whether your water control application involves construction or repair, flood protection, fluid containment, or spill control Hydrological Solutions has a product to fit your requirements.

Hydrobaffle - Mobile Dam

If you are currently searching for a cost effective way to dewater an area to prevent invasive water from entering the job site, our flood barriers were designed to meet those needs. The old adage time is money could not be truer when dealing with a construction project. By utilizing the Aqua-Barriers time, labor and overall costs are dramatically reduced. The temporary dam can be utilized several times faster when compared to convention cofferdam methods such as sheet piling or earthen dams.

Hydrobaffle is rapidly deployed, lightweight, compact in storage, eco-friendly and reusable.

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